History Tour

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A very comprehensive Tour is done with your host taking 2-3 hrs and costing $20 per head.

Charlotte Plains has its own registered Cemetery that dates back to …

Not all people who died on Charlotte Plains made it to the cemetery!  In 195… the remains of a body of an aboriginal lady was found under some corrugated iron at an old abandoned house.  The fate of the girl remain a mystery!  Come and see if you can solve it!!

The House of Memorabilia lets you delve back in time to the way things used to be on CP including living quarters and dress code.

A very interesting and favorite part of our tours is Jack’s Hut (or Willie’s hut as seen on TV).  Jack Emblem as seen in the photo’s was the resident Bullocky and Bore Drain Delver.  Come and discover how he lived and the tools he used in his everyday life.

Charlotte Plains is steeped in history from the grand days of when wool was worth a pound a pound and Rolls Royce’s were used to cart the Boss around right through to the family nearly losing the place.