Swimming at the Borehead

Relaxing in the Bore

What a Fantastic way to Relax on a cold winters morning – Fabulous

The place to be! 99% of people love camping by the Hot Artesian Bore with more repeat
visitors each year and some even calling it their destination. Despite this, there is plenty of
room with peaceful surroundings and a delight for photographers and bird watchers.
There is no power at the Borehead site, but you may bring your generator – just respect others
nearby. Those with their complete family may bring their dogs! Ignore what you have seen about dogs
in some camp books.
There are 2 long drops, 2 bath tubs out in the open and it is magic sitting in the hot bath at Sunset sipping
a wine or beer! Oh, and clutching your camera at the same time. Of course there are plenty of spots along the
bore-drain where you can sink down into the warm water and relax. You can not swim as it is shallow and meant
for relaxing while your body soaks up the minerals and many say it relieves their aches and pains.
I love to tell you the history of the Turnworth Artesian Bore.